Why everyone should learn JavaScript?

The world is changing, and becoming more digital. Terms like digital native and internet of things are filling the news. But what does it all mean and is there anything you could do to prepare for it.

The answer is yes: Learn JavaScript this will help you understand the language of the internet. You’ll then be able to find out more about how your favorite social media site works. You’ll be able to create your own sites and do more on the ones you already go to.

It’s an internet Superpower.

And with the internet of things – Phone, fridges, lights, heat pumps and clothes are all being plugged into the internet. Without some way of talking to them, you may soon not be able to understand your jeans.

To help start the journey and follow these links:



Good Luck

8 thoughts on “Why everyone should learn JavaScript?

  1. I think the Internet of things is a frightening concept and therefore requires effort to remain aware and competent — in the same sense as “keep your friends close …”. I am interested in learning enough to play the game.

  2. Is the title a question or a statement? If it is a statement ‘?’ should be removed.
    If it a question then I think it is better to move the ‘should’ after ‘why’.

  3. I tried to leave comments on the internet, but could not figure it out how – see how behind I am with the ‘internet technology’. I think some of the things the technology enables us to do is just amazing. Even just finding out what you can do is interesting. Personally I prefer the old days when there was no internet, mobile phones, etc. 🙂

  4. I disagree, if everyone started learning javascript then everyone will think they are all of a sudden developers, and we will end up having the business users trying to develop their own solutions rather than working with developers on creating solutions for them.

  5. In this modern world of internet, things are changing so rapidly that its almost impossible to learn everything.
    However an awareness about the changing technology is an attribute that will make your life easier and keep you up to date with this ever changing world.

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