Canterbury Tech Summit

Canterbury Tech  looks like it is growing year on year. The yearly summit is now maxing out its venue. There is a pod cast. The local groups are working together to promote each other by having a shared stand.

But as I always get told. What is the “Why”.

Why have a summit?

Why have meetup’s?

Why have these community events?


And the main reason is rather a long term drive for the local community to succeed. It’s the local community leaders that make all the difference. The local counsel the local DHB the local tech leaders.

In a recent Joe Rogan pod cast a US political figure was asked is there hope for the US and he said yes by all means. He said he had gone to local communities that where doing absolutely great on every metrics and the one thing they all had in common is that they all had strong and connected local community leaders that where working together to make their city great.

They would all work for the best outcomes for their community even if it meant holding back on left right politics for a bit and working together for what is best, not whose team was right.

This local community needs local events, local support and local leaders. In Christchurch we are very lucky to have all those. I am glad to be able to help a bit where I can and I am very glad I am not alone.

See you all at the Summit next week….



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