Agile Dunedin

Agile Dunedin will be the fourth conference Agile Alliance New Zealand will be involved with this year.

We had been looking for someone to run one in the South Island since we started with the project of getting three conferences started up in underserved locations.

When we started we thought that we would phone up a local, get them to organize the event and we would bring the speakers.

Sounded so easy, and like many things that sound easy in the beginning, the more you get into it the more you truly get to know the problem. That is not to say that sometimes all we did was to phone a local and brought the speakers. That did happen most of the time. The pain points that you usually hit, are the things you never expected. These pain points are what makes things more complex and take up 80% of your time to overcome.

Like just finding someone to call in Dunedin if you don’t know anyone there. For me, the biggest unexpected issue was to get people to the websites. By the time you got them where they could make an informed decision about going to the conference your job was done.

I myself finally relented and just bought some ads on Google and LinkedIn. And the biggest thing I found was that they work. And you can see the correlation between Google and LinkedIn marketing and sales.

But if someone does by accident read this article before the 25 of May 2018 and lives in Dunedin, make sure you go to

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