Agile 2017 – Orlando

The first thing is a big thank you to the Agile Alliance. Both for helping Agile Alliance New Zealand startup, but, also all the ongoing support.

Then a big thank you for doing this every year. Big thank you to all the organizers.

I think you only understand the work that goes into an event like this if you have had a peek behind the curtains or have done it yourself.

My take on the event I believe is slightly rose-tinted because it seems everyone first Agile event was amazing. Everyone, I have every spoken to after their first Agile Alliance conference are always amazed at the content the venue and think it was the best conference they have ever been on.

A few things I didn’t expect was probably the newest things about conferences I have now come to know or it could be just the Agile conference.

Firstly it’s the community behind the event. From day one everyone is busy catching up with friends they haven’t seen for the last year. Saying hello, getting together for beers or dinner. Usually, the only social interaction is between the colleagues that go together or it’s about making sales. Here it was all about meeting friends form years past.

The second surprise was the volunteers. Not only were the volunteers front and center but they were also highly respected by everyone. The volunteers must have a great time because they keep returning over and over to volunteer again. Usually, the volunteers are less of a volunteer and more of a voluntold. Go the purple shirts.

I think my thoughts on the speakers will require a blog post all its own.

So I’ll end with – Yes, this was the Best conference I have ever attended and I hope to go again and meet up with friends from years past.


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