The fist of five

The fist of five sounds like an old kung-fu movie. But if you are new to scrum and your team has been failing to make their points for three sprints or more and you don’t have large stories of 13 points or more. You need to look at how you get the team to commit during the planning meeting.

Does the scrum master or project manager decide how many points should be achieved or are you using the fist of five technique?

This is the basic way it works.
You put the sprint backlog on the board and ask the team to do the fist of five.
No fingers mean – no chance.
One finger means – snowball chance in hell.
…(Two to Four is the warmer feelings)
Five fingers mean – hell yes we can.

If anyone puts up anything except a fist with five fingers you remove a story from the bottom and go again.
You only stop when the most pessimistic person says the team will make that number.

An achieving team is a happy team.

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